Frequently Asked Questions

1Why do you charge me my deductible whereas other companies have said they would waive it?
At Dryline we are in business of protecting our customers. A majority of contractor’s will not take the deductible conversation a step further and explain that “waiving or buying” a deductible is illegal for the policyholder. Your local state DOI can provide more information or please feel free to visit with one of us regarding this topic.
2Will I have to pay money up front?
Yes, however we only require a small down payment for the ordering of the materials. The remainder of the amount can be paid in full upon completion of the job.
3What can I expect after I sign a contract with you?
After a contract is signed we will agree on installation date and material drop off point. It is important that your vehicles are removed from your garage or driveway if you need to access them during the installation to avoid being blocked in by the dumpster or other materials. Please remove and store any large, heavy or priceless items from walls prior to work beginning. This will prevent them from falling if there are vibrations during the installation process.
4What happens during the installation?
The crew will arrive around sunrise to begin work which will begin with taking materials and equipment onto roof and beginning the tear off process. Once all material has been torn off to the decking they will lay down underlayment, valley metals, or ice and water shield. Installation of the shingles comes next using 6 nails per shingle, code is 4, with ridge or ridge vent being the final part of the roof application. Once roof is installed all vents and flashings will be painted to match per homeowner’s discretion and all materials, trash, and nails will be picked up and taken away by dumpster. We make every attempt to remove all stray nails up with a magnetic sweeper.
5What happens after the job is completed?
Upon completion of the job to your satisfaction we will supply an invoice to you to provide to your insurance company. At your request, we can send your insurance a copy showing all contracted work completed. At that time, we will collect the balance due (can include deductible and remainder of first check from insurance company) and final payment will be upon receipt of final check from insurance. If you notice any issue caused by our work please contact us immediately so we can investigate and resolve.
6How can you help me and my agent?
Due to our extensive background in claims handling we understand what damage is and what is normal wear and tear to a home. We will be upfront regarding if the damage to your home was due to a storm or just normal aging that way you and your agent can come to a determination if a claim should filed.
7What does hail do to my roof?
Hail can fracture the backing on your shingle which over time causes advanced wear and shingle failure. This failure can cause leaks into your attic and interior walls/ceilings. Hail will also damage soft metals and cause granular loss. If after a storm you notice granular loss, it is not an indication you received hail damage, but should be something you have looked at by a professional.