A Few Words About Us


We are the Full Package.

At Dryline we look to provide you a one stop shop for your insurance claim or any other repair needs. We have over 30 years of experience handling catastrophe claims for major insurance carriers and understand the process along with what actual damage is.

No matter the extent, damages that occur to your home following a storm event can cause a lot of stress and frustration. Dryline Roofing strives to alleviate the process by providing our customers with excellent customer service that they can count on.

To be the industry leader in storm restoration by building strong relationships with both our customer and their insurance providers. We will provide exceptional customer service, professionalism, and quality workmanship to create a lifelong partnership with homeowners impacted by catastrophic events.

We care about you and your agent and look to provide quality service which includes a thorough inspection and report regarding any storm related damages. We will report the truth and not just say you need a new roof so you report a claim.

We provide options regarding how you can pay your deductible. What most contractors don’t tell you is that by them “waiving or buying” your deductible, or providing a referral fee they are making you commit insurance fraud. The Department of Insurance will only come down on the homeowner in this situation which can result in fines, jail time and loss of insurance.